Mr. Ertuğrul Günay, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, who visited Bursa to attend the inauguration ceremony for the restoration of Muradiye Complex, which is one of the Sites nominated for UNESCO World Heritage List, and a panel titled “Sustainability in Discovering and Preserving Cultural Assets”, initiated the work at Muradiye complex.

The Metropolitan Municipality, undertaking all responsibilities, such as maintenance, repairs and security,  regarding the Sultan Complexes, which was previously safeguarded by the ministry of Culture and Tourism, launched a tender for restoration of Muradiye Complex. Historic tombs will add value to the area also at nights following completion of the restoration and landscaping of Muradiye Tombs.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, focusing on restoration work on historical and cultural heritage with a view to increase the share of the city in tourism by converting Bursa, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, into an outdoor museum, started the process to renovate Sultan Complexes which need maintenance due to lack of interest until now. As the first step in this process, the Metropolitan Municipality took over all responsibility of Sultan Complexes from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and already completed all projects regarding ‘Muradiye Complex”, constructed in 1425-1426 upon the instructions of Sultan Murad the Second,  giving its name to the neighborhood where it is located. The tender for restoration of the site where a total of 12 tombs, including the Tomb of Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s mother Hüma Hatun (Hatuniye), the Tomb of Shahzade Alaaddin, the son of Murad the Second, the Tomb of Shahzade Ahmet, the Tomb of Mustafa (Cem Sultan), the son of Fatih, the Tomb of Shahzade Mustafa, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent, the tomb of Şirin Hatun, the wife of Sultan Bayezid the Second, the Tomb of Gülruh Hatun, the other wife of Sultan Bayezid the Second, the Tomb of Ebe Hatun (Gülbahar Hatun), the midwife of Fatih Sultan, the Tomb of Shahzade Mahmud, the son of Bayezid the Second, the Tomb of Mükrime Hatun, the daughter in law of Bayezid the Second, the Tomb of Gülşah Hatun, one of the wives of Fatih Sultan, and the Imperial Harem Tomb, where members of the imperial harem are buried, which was completed in over a century following the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmed, attracted many bidders.

The site where the tombs are located will be illuminated within the scope of restoration and landscaping of Muradiye tombs for a different touch of beauty at nights. The Metropolitan Municipality which has previously illuminated historic sites such as Ulucami, Emir Sultan Mosque, Green Tomb and the clock tower, to add a different touch to the silhouette of the city at nights, will now do the same for Muradiye Tombs. The Muradiye Complex, which is one of the most popular sites visited by both domestic and foreign tourists will add value to the area both during the day and during the night following completion of the restoration work.

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